Survey and Construction
Save time and money on expensive hoist and operator hire. No need for permits, road closures or being stuck in a basket at height on cold days. Here at Alpha Drone we provide 4K/HD footage and photographic stills of building facades and roofing. Broken tiles, leaking blocked gutters, defected lead lining, chimneys and flues all highlighted with incredible detail. All captured in a fraction of the time it takes to raise, lower and reposition a hoist.

Quantity Surveyor or Site Manager? Job monitoring large construction and building sites? Send progress reports to your clients with regular aerial video and photos. Save money compared to expensive helicopter hire.  Interested, please contact us to discuss your project.

Events and Promotions
Planning an event, for clients, self promotion, charity? Raise it to another level with stunning aerial footage and photography. If you require website content for your business, in a world of social media bring your event or business to the forta with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter compatible formats. Create a buzz as Alpha Drone buzz’s around capturing your requirements in glorious 4K/HD. Contact us now and let's discuss how to elevate your event and business.

Selling a property, large estate, high end and classic cars? Tower above your competition and standard ground level photos with Alpha Drone dynamic aerial point of view, contact us to discuss your requirements.

The UAV (drone) industry has so many applications that we could fill website with it’s potential.

  • Sporting Tactics, aerial view of training and matches for analysis
  • Golf Courses, fly through each hole with scorecard information and pro commentary.
  • Environmental, aerial footage of rivers, floodplains, forests areas.

Please contact us to discuss any other ideas or projects you think Alpha Drone could help.